(A non-denominational Church of Christ)

217 N. Main Street
Saint Ignatius, Montana
Sunday School: 9:30 am - Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am
Wednesday Family Night - 7:00 pm (mid-September through May)
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Established in 1951, The First Christian Church of Saint Ignatius is a community of believers devoted to the study and practice of Scripture, fellowship, observing the Lord's Supper, and prayer.

Our regular Sunday morning services begin at 9:30 am with singing and a brief devotion.  We call this time "Opening Exercises".    This informal, fun time of fellowship and worship lasts about half an hour.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, and doughnuts are usually available in the lobby.

Around 10 am, we dismiss for Sunday School.  There are classes for all ages.  Sunday School lasts until about 10:45 am.

The morning worship service begins at 11 am.  Following a call to worship, we have an opening song, a prayer, and a brief "meet and greet" opportunity.  Sometimes, it's not so brief.  People here are very friendly.

Our music is usually a mixture of hymns and contemporary worship music.  Some Sundays have more hymns, others more contemporary.  Our musicians and song leaders are not there to perform, but to glorify God and to facilitate corporate worship among God's people.

After some more singing, we observe the Lord's Supper every week.  While weekly observance is neither expressly commanded nor forbidden in the New Testament, we believe Acts 20:7 to indicate that the early church met weekly, in part, to partake of the Lord's Supper.  We also believe that Communion is intended for immersed believers in Jesus Christ (Christians).  In our gatherings, when we pass the emblems of the Lord's body and blood, we neither invite nor exclude anyone regarding the Lord's Supper.  It is up to each one to "examine himself" (1 Corinthians 11:28) in order to decide whether, and in what manner, to partake.  It is the Lord's table, and Communion is between the Lord and the individual.

After another song, we take up an offering.  We want to reassure visitors to our meetings that while you are free to give if you wish, we don't expect you to.  On the other hand, we want church members and regular attenders to have the opportunity to give in order to support the work and missions of the church.

Following the offering time, a sermon will be delivered.  The message usually lasts from thirty to forty minutes, but sometimes is a little shorter or a little longer.  Our goal is to provide interesting, relevant, scripturally-accurate messages that effectively communicate the truth of God's Word.  The reality is that we are only servants in this process, and the Holy Spirit is responsible for all good things that may come from these messages.

At the close of nearly every message, there is an invitation time.  We want to provide every opportunity for those who are moved by the truth of the Gospel message and touched by the Holy Spirit to respond to Jesus Christ's call to discipleship.

If a person desires to respond to that call, we consider the following things to be integral to such a response:
  • The understanding of what "sin" is - that which is contrary to God's desire and intent for us.
  • The knowledge that each of us has sinned and are thereby deserving of eternal separation from God and the "second death", experienced in Hell.
  • Faith - An awareness of and belief in the fact that God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus - who is, Himself, God as well as the Messiah, or Christ, promised in the Old Testament - to save us from our sins by dying on the cross and rising from the dead, and a commitment to rely upon His death and resurrection for salvation.
  • Repentance - A change of mind in how one regards sin.  Instead of something to be desired, sin is now viewed as something to be hated, knowing that it is an offense against God Himself.
  • Confession - This oral, public expression of faith declares Jesus as Lord and God, revealing to others the submission of the repentant believer to the word and will of Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism - Immersion or submersion in water of the repentant believer who has confessed faith in Jesus Christ.  At baptism, the believer is connected to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and receives forgiveness of sin, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and the promise of eternal life in Heaven.  Though water is used as the medium of baptism, it is God who performs the work of salvation and forgiveness.
Responding to the call to discipleship is not something that can be done only on Sunday.  At whatever point a person recognizes his need to receive salvation, that is the time to proceed.  If you have reached that point, or if you have questions and would like to talk about them, please contact us.